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Wanting more than just to “cope”? Eager to understand what is getting in your way?

During this integrative 90 day therapeutic program, I will support you to in finding peace within. Begin today, see results, and develop lifelong skills so that you can live the life you want.


✓ 12 Therapy Sessions — 50 Minute Sessions Weekly

✓ Homework to Heal

✓ Individualized Meditations

✓ Customized Resource Packet Download

✓ Graduation and Next Steps





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Do you ever feel overwhelmed, plagued with anxiety, or worried about what your future might hold? Do you have a hard time understanding why things feel difficult or complicated? Whether you experience sadness, grief, irritability and/or engage in unhealthy coping skills, my multi-faceted approach caters to your individual needs. When people work with me they feel safe and understood.

I work collaboratively with my clients to support them in their healing process.

What kind of thoughts do you have throughout the day? How do they make you feel?

With having worked in a wide range of settings doing research and therapy, I have a comprehensive understanding about human behavior and development. Additionally, I am trained in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine modalities of meditation and yoga.

Invest in your yourself. Difficult roads can lead to beautiful destinations.

Individual Psychotherapy $200/session

Sliding scale available*

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Collaboratively, let's explore what has been difficult for you. Let's discuss what you would like to see happen in your life and then we will identify how to get you there.

Psychodynamic, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Client-Centered, Compassion and Solution Focused, Strength Based


Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, Personality, Behavioral, Relational, Grief, Codependency, Coping Skills, Trauma
Relationships, Low Motivation, Self-esteem, Impulsivity, Chronic Stress, Life Transitions, LGBTQIA+

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