Meditation Coaching

Begin your journey. Arrive. Notice. Remember. Release. Understand. Allow

Understand the myriad connections between psychological stress, maladaptive behaviors, and physical disease and how mindfulness addresses these. Have a sense of how clinically applied mindfulness is changing the practice of medicine through the integration of mind and body. I provide mindfulness coaching, education and practice sessions in my therapy office. Includes check-ins & customized assignments to support you on your journey.

Guided Meditation

Looking for a calm space to meditate over your lunch break? Seeking meditation instruction?


I present and speak about the interconnectedness of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).


CAM for Practicing Psychiatrists, Perelman School of Medicine — University of Pennsylvania


Anxiety Disorders for Training Clinicians, University of Pennsylvania

Professional Development for Psychotherapists, University of Pennsylvania

Psychotherapy and Mental Health Yoga, University of Pennsylvania

Trauma-informed Mindfulness, Private Practice Network

Benefits of Daily Mindfulness, NorthStar Conference

Belief that you are your thoughts will leave you at their mercy. Compassion-focused Cognitive therapy can help you work through them, while meditation can allow you understand them.
— Jessica Pavelka