Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Psychotherapeutic yoga is proven as an effective, complementary tool to improve one's overall well-being. As an integrative holistic psychotherapist, I bridge therapy techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness Based theory with yoga (asana) in yoga studio settings.


Addiction-Relapse Prevention, Anxiety, Creative Blocks, Codependency, Depression & Sadness, Grief, Loss & Bereavement, Mood Swings, Resentment, Stress, Seasonal Affect Disorder


What to Expect?

Expect to practice yoga, meditation and cognitive restructuring. We will look at your automatic thoughts, behaviors and bodily sensations. We will bring attention to the unconscious workings of the mind by practicing mind-body interventions catered towards your particular needs. You will leave with a deeper sense of awareness of yourself and with a handy toolkit of skills.

Individual Private Yoga

Group Yoga


Yoga Instinctual Meditation

Past Offerings

Yoga for Winter Blues, Wake Up Yoga, 2019

Yoga for Chronic Stress, Sonic Yoga NYC, 2019

Yoga for Anxiety, Wake Up Yoga, 2018

Yoga for Anxiety, Wake Up Yoga, 2018

New Year, New Mindset, MotherHeart Yoga Sangha, 2018

Enlightenment & Empowerment Through Mind-body Practices, Wake Up Yoga, 2017