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The Buddha gave us 84,000 meditation practices and we tend to believe one form of mindfulness meditation is the only one out there. There’s “no one size fits all” with meditation. There is a wealth of practices and all of them are ways of appreciating the grandeur of what life is.

Founded by Lorin Roche, PhD the author of Radiance Sutras, Instintual Meditation is a practice for people who live in the world and have jobs, families, friends, bills, and homes. Instinctual Meditation is a practice of welcoming all of who you are: your thoughts, desires, instincts, senses, and curiosities. It also plays with the elements: earth, air, space, fire, water. It is and inner and outer journey with Pranashakti, life force. The technique itself is effortless. Once you become skilled, you gain deep understanding of your natural rhythms, thus life becomes a dance without resistance!

Instinctual —natural meditation also addresses the myriad connections between psychological stress, maladaptive behaviors and physical disease. Experience how clinically applied meditation is changing the practice of medicine through the integration of mind and body.

1:1 Private Meditation Coaching

Arrive at joy, Release your inner critic, flow with your inNer rhythms and essential nature


Looking for a calm space to meditate over your lunch break or after work? Seeking meditation instruction?

Belief that you are your thoughts will leave you at their mercy. Compassion-focused Cognitive therapy can help you work through them, while meditation can allow you understand them.
— Jessica Pavelka
Instinctive Meditation


Are you looking to re-energize, unplug, put airplane mode on, and immerse yourself in your essential nature, in your own home?

As healers, we must take priority in our own self-care, this means, taking a pause to reconnect with the reason why we do the work we do.

Begins: Fall dates coming soon.

↠ Online, 12 hour series / 2 hours per week / Saturday sessions
↠ Intimate, small group setting
↠ Recorded sessions for your keeping
↠ Recommended weekly practices
↠ Readings, videos and audio
↠ Ample Q&A and live practice!


Week 1-3 ☯ How you meditate naturally, energizing meditation and listening to your instincts.
Week 4-6 ☯ Senses, movement and joy meditations.

Teachings inspired by mindfulness meditation, and instinctive --natural practices by Lorin Roche, Ph.D and Camille Maurine.

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