Therapist Philadelphia


Do you feel overwhelmed, plagued with anxiety, worried about what your future might hold? Do you have a hard time understanding why things feel difficult or complicated? Whether you experience sadness, grief, anxiety or irritability, and/or engage in unhealthy coping skills, I use the correct therapeutic tools to assist you in becoming your very own therapist.

In my therapy, I am supportive, compassionate and I will empower you.

When people work with me, they feel understood and hopeful.

I have a multi-faceted approach that caters to your individual needs.

What thoughts do you have throughout the day and how do they make you feel?

I have worked in a wide range of settings doing research and therapy. I have a comprehensive understanding about human behavior and development. I also have training in holistic health. Don't wait another day wondering if things will get better. I look forward to hearing from you.

Experience: mentoring, school support and counseling, Outpatient mental health for adolescents and adults, Dual diagnosis, play therapy, family counseling, crisis counseling and TrIAGE evaluation, research and speaking, private practice individual counseling.



Master of Science in Counseling and Mental Health Executive Program, University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience Concentration, Temple University


Licensing & Certification

Licensed Professional Counselor, Pennsylvania

Nationally Certified Counselor

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Trauma and Recovery-sensitive Yoga and Mindfulness

Registered Yoga Teacher

Meditation Teacher, training with Dr. Lorin Roche


Professional Affiliations

American Counseling Association

National Board of Certified Counselors

International Association of Trauma Professionals

Yoga Alliance


Additional Experience

Pennsylvania Medicine

Shambhala Meditation Center

Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy

University of Pennsylvania

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


Recent Trainings

Radiance Sutras Meditation Training, Lorin Roche, Ph.D., Camille Maurine, Coby Kozlowski MA, E-RYT.

Mindfulness, Healing and Transformation, Jon Kabat­Zinn, Ph.D.

Mindfulness in Each Moment

Yoga and Mindfulness Clinical Interventions for Anxiety, Depression and Trauma

Restorative Yoga Training Intensive

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Intensive Training & Certification

Shame Shields: The Armor We Use to Protect Ourselves and Why It Doesn’t Serve Us, Brene Brown PhD, LMSW

Deeper Training for Yoga Teachers